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Browsing through anthology open calls at various publishers, I figured I’d make a list of the ones that look interesting to me, for my own reference — and in case anyone else wants to submit to them, too! The full information on each of these is at the link to the publisher’s site.

From Dreamspinner Press’s open calls (all M/M):

  • Cuddling: Stories about encouraging, reviving, or renewing romance and love within established relationships. 3,500 – 12,000 words. Deadline: April 15.
  • Steamed Up: Romantic short stories with steampunk themes. 3,500 – 12,000 words. Deadline: July 1.
  • Heartwarming: 2013 Advent Calendar – A Story a Day in the Month of December. 5,000 – 18,000 words. Deadline: August 1.

From Circlet Press’s open calls:

From Storm Moon Press’s open calls:

  • Forgotten Menagerie: Erotic M/M shifter stories where the animal forms are anything that is non-canine and non-feline. 10-20K. Deadline: Feb. 28.
  • Police State: F/F romances set in dystopian societies that might be classified as police states. 10-20K. Deadline: April 30.
  • Bound By the Moon: Tales of lesbian werewolves. 10-20K. Deadline: April 30. (Ironically I already have a lesbian werewolf novella awaiting revisions, but it’s way too long for this, and I don’t think it could be cut down to fit!)
  • Senseless: Stories of 10,000 to 20,000 words focused on main characters with visual, aural, vocal, or other sensory disabilities. M/M. Deadline: May 31.
  • An Improper Arrangement: Lesbian romance set in the Regency period. 10-20K. Deadline: June 30. (Hee! This sounds delightful; I really want to write something for this, but don’t know a damn thing about Regency romance.)
  • In the Service of Gods: Stories of sacred prostitution featuring lesbian and female bisexual main characters. Temple prostitutes and priestesses, their lovers, the gods they serve. 10-20K. Deadline: August 31.
  • Young Love: First loves. M/M. Deadline: September 20.
  • Bygone Beasts: Everyone knows about werewolves … but what about dragons, unicorns, selkies, kitsune, and other mythical creatures? Show us your best sexy stories of beasts from bygone times! High fantasy, urban fantasy, sci-fi. M/M. Deadline: October 31.
  • Looking Between: Bisexual characters with psychic powers. Deadline: December 31.

From Riptide Publishing’s open calls:

  • License to Thrill: James Bond-esque larger-than-life thrillers. Any LGBTQ; most fantasy/SF/historical genres. Explicit required. 15K-100K. Deadline: March 1.
  • Laying Down (with) the Law: Send us your stories with law enforcement officers of any type as the main characters—police officers, sheriffs and their deputies, FBI and DEA agents, park rangers, RCMP—and show us what they’ve got. Most LGBTQ. Contemporary only. Any heat level. 25-120K. Deadline: May 1.
  • College Discovery: College students coming out or exploring their sexuality. Contemporary only, no explicit sex, any orientation. 25-120K. Deadline: June 1.

From Silver Publishing’s open calls:

  • Magic and Mayhem: Stories involving Halloween season – witches, warlocks, apple bobbing, hayrides, etc. Deadline: August 25. (Though I’ve heard things about Silver’s reliability as a publisher that make me wary.)

This ought to keep me busy …

I'm a writer and artist living in Fairbanks, Alaska.

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