State of the romance writing

I submitted the edits for “Finder’s Keeper” tonight, my story in Storm Moon Press’s Big Damn Heroines anthology. This is only the second time I’ve gone through the process (the first time was with my Snow on the Roof story for Dreamspinner), but it seemed like a good level of edits — some insightful questions that made me think about my worldbuilding, but nothing that required me to rewrite more than a paragraph or two at a time. No sweeping plot changes, say. Just enough edits to keep me on my toes. πŸ™‚

The anthology will be out in July. I’m still jazzed about having my story under that gorgeous cover! And I’m also quite excited about my novella forthcoming from Dreamspinner, which will be out sometime this fall.

Things I’m currently working on:

  • I’ve written a story for Dreamspinner’s steampunk anthology (the deadline’s not until July 1, so I have lots of time to edit it).
  • As soon as I saw Storm Moon Press’s open call for a lesbian Wild West gunslinger anthology, I went “OMG MUST WRITE FOR THIS πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ :D”. Somehow I neglected to notice the 12,000-word limit, though. My story, which is set in Dawson during the gold rush, is already at 16,000 words and counting … oops? I’m not sure whether to tighten and trim it to fit, or to write something more specifically Wild West themed and save the Dawson story to submit elsewhere. In any case the deadline isn’t until the end of December, so I have more than enough time to write something else if I go that way.

I really appreciate how many of SMP’s anthology deadlines are very late in the year, giving us lots of time to write for them! If the deadline is early in the year then there’s not much hope, unless you have something already sitting around that’s appropriate, or get struck by a bolt of creative lightning …

I really need to write more stories that aren’t aimed at specific anthologies, if only to have a selection of stories to choose from when I’m browsing open calls. And I’d like to try to write something novel-length this year. I have written four novels to date (all unpublished — two YA, two urban fantasy that are currently fishing for an agent) but the longest romance I’ve written is a 35K lesbian novella that needs heavy revisions. (Sadly it would fit one of SMP’s open calls PERFECTLY … except for the TINY problem that it’s about 15K too long, and I don’t think I can shave that much off without losing too much of the story. Actually, I was thinking about adding another subplot or two, and trying to boost it up to novel length.)

I'm a writer and artist living in Fairbanks, Alaska.

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