What I’m working on: June edition

It’s finally summer here in Alaska! We had a terribly cold, late spring, and it’s hard to believe there was snow only two weeks ago, now that we’ve sprung headlong into 80-degree days and beautiful green trees. Yesterday we bought shiny new patio furniture for our shiny new deck — okay, super-cheap patio furniture from Sam’s Club, but it looks great to me! I sipped my tea this morning at our new patio table, with birdsong and the sound of the creek as my morning soundtrack.

I’ve submitted a M/M story to Dreamspinner Press’s steampunk anthology and will probably hear back in July. I’m quite fond of this one, and if they don’t choose to buy it, I’ll seek other places to submit it. I’ve also written the rough draft of a story for Storm Moon Press’s Bygone Beasts anthology, an M/M fantasy novella (or would it be a novelette? I’ve never been precisely clear on the distinction). For the next couple of months I’ll be focusing on my Layla Lawlor writing (comics, sci-fi, fantasy) but I’m already thinking ahead to some of SMP’s end-of-the-year anthologies (especially the gunslinger-girls one, and the two with bisexual themes). I have an F/F novella to revise — it’s about 35K words, and I’d like to add enough content, subplots and whatnot, to bump it up to novel length. I’m also hoping to get another stand-alone novella or novel done by the end of the year … not sure yet of the pairing type or what it’ll be about, exactly, though I’m tossing around some ideas!

I'm a writer and artist living in Fairbanks, Alaska.

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