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Paging Doctor So&So … Hospitals is the theme of my Friday Freewrite prompt, and there’s still time to write something! Fills on older posts are always welcome, fyi. Any medical-themed stories? hurt/comfort is more than welcome … 😀

Brynn Stein’s new weekly prompt Sunset is up too!

I just sent back more edits on my novella Homespun for Dreamspinner Press. One of the trickier things was figuring out how to revise the opening sentence to eliminate a repeated adjective that had slipped by me ’til the copy editor pointed it out. I liked both parts of the sentence … how to choose which one of them to kill??? to the rescue! (Click for larger.)

I'm a writer and artist living in Fairbanks, Alaska.

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3 comments on “The writer’s life
  1. putputteats says:

    What shade is “hooker’s green”? 😀 It sounds like an awesome shade…

    • Layla Lawlor says:

      I was going to say “It’s a sort of yellow/brownish green pigment” but then I google-image-searched it and discovered that it can be anywhere from bluish green to yellowish green, i.e. ALL the greens. Uh. It’s a … green. 😀 Named after a guy with a really unfortunate last name.

  2. […] Don’t forget to check out Layla’s prompt of “Hospitals” on her site: […]

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