Homespun blog tour, week 1

Here’s a look back on the past week! My novella Homespun is now out from Dreamspinner Press, and here’s a roundup of where I’ve been this week. You can see where I’ll be next week at my release tour schedule. My scarf giveaway is still going on! Sign up here or comment on any post during my blog tour ’til Oct. 8!

Meanwhile, here’s this week in review!

Blog tour posts:
On Monday, at Zahra Owens’ blog, I talked about autumn.
On Tuesday, I discussed writing about things you love without overdoing it at Tali Spencer’s blog.

Wednesday was Release Day, and I had a release party at the Dreamspinner Press blog! All the release day posts:
My welcome postFibercraftingSpinningPhoto tour of New England autumnGiveaway (now closed) • Wrap-up (with unique excerpt not posted elsewhere)

On Thursday, I talked to Charley Descoteaux about location scouting.
On Friday, I was interviewed at Christ T. Kat’s blog.

I’ve already received two nice reviews to share!

Homespun got 5 stars from Madison Parker.
“This was a beautiful, well-written tale with richly developed characters and a gorgeous cover to match!”

And Boys in Our Books gave it 4 stars:
“In overall, it is an astute, supple, and eloquent story about people and the complexity of their heart and relationship with others.”

Also, here’s Homespun on Goodreads.

Other people:

Brynn Stein’s Wednesday writing prompt (“Injury”) and Friday Fun Fact question posts are up!

SL Huang has a wonderful blog full of useful posts on writing about guns, other weapons, and fight scenes (check categories in right-hand sidebar), as well as interesting posts on sci-fi geekery, sexism & racism, and a whole slew of other things. She’s doing a brand-new writer interview series, “Why/Why Not”, and you’ll note she’s one of the future stops on my blog tour (er, if I ever get the questions back to her *coff*). She has interviews up so far for three books: Let Me Get This Off My Chest: A Breast Cancer Survivor Over-SharesA Sunset FinishBy Means of Clockwork Selection . They all sound fascinating and you are encouraged to check them out!

Seductive Studs & Sirens is a weekly snippet-posting event for authors of LGBT fiction. Which I keep meaning to participate in. And then failing. Drat.

Weekend Writing Warriors is a weekly event that invites authors to post 8 sentences from one of their works, published or unpublished. Also a good thing to participate in! If I were not made of fail. Drat^2.

I'm a writer and artist living in Fairbanks, Alaska.

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2 comments on “Homespun blog tour, week 1
  1. slhuang says:

    Ooo, thanks for the link love!

    And congrats again on your release and such excellent reviews so far! Can’t wait to have you over on my blog! \o/

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