Homespun blog tour, week 2

My blog tour for Homespun continues this week, so here’s your weekly roundup! And don’t forget to sign up for the scarf giveaway if you’re interested (or comment on any tour post until Oct. 8).

Blog tour posts

On Monday I guest-blogged about research at the Purple Rose Teahouse.
Tuesday I was at Helen Pattskyn’s blog talking about bisexuality in Homespun.
On Wednesday, Garrett Leigh interviewed me.
Thursday I talked about rural life at Skylar Cates’ blog.
And Friday I wrapped up the week over at Madison Parker’s website for an interview.

I got some nice reviews this week!

At Sid Love, Homespun got four stars: “… took me by surprise in the best ways possible.”
The Book Vixen gives it four frogs: “… a haunting romance … realistic, complicated and messy.”
The Novel Approach awards Homespun four stars: “… not your everyday love story.”

Other people’s stuff

Zahra Owens guest-blogged here on Monday, talking about her new novel Moon & Stars.

Brynn Stein’s Wednesday writing prompt this week is fist fight.

Amelia’s Story by C.P. Murphy is this week’s Why/Why Not author interview at SL Huang’s blog.

This past week was Bisexual Pride Week, and a number of people had posts, interviews, or events relating to it — too many to link to all of them! I think the post that affected me most strongly is this post by Attackfish talking about bisexuality, genderqueerness, and the gender binary. The intersection of bisexuality and genderqueerness is an aspect I’ve rarely seen addressed, and I particularly wanted to quote this part (though it’s sadly out of context, but I’d have to quote the whole post for full context; you really should just read it):

… a single false assumption, that bisexual means attracted to both men and women.  This is absolutely not what it means, just as homosexual doesn’t mean “attracted to men” or heterosexual doesn’t mean “attracted to women.”  Homosexual means “attracted to the same gender as one’s self” and heterosexual means “attracted to a gender or genders different from one’s own”, and so bisexual means “attracted to the same gender as one’s self and also a gender or gender[s] different from one’s own.”

On a completely different topic, this may not be of interest to anyone but me, but this past week I was (*coff*) creating a conlang (constructed language) based loosely off Proto-Indo-European for something I was writing (this is what I do for fun, y’know) and stumbled upon this amazing searchable database for languages that are reconstructed, extinct, or simply rare (i.e. Yupik, Basque). Obviously it’s incomplete and often based on guesswork, but if you want to know, say, the word for “house” in Proto-Indo-European or how to say “knife” in ancient Egyptian, it’s pretty awesome.

I'm a writer and artist living in Fairbanks, Alaska.

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