Homespun blog tour, week 3

The next few days are your last chance to enter the scarf giveaway! My Homespun blog tour goes through Oct. 8, and on the 9th I’ll be drawing a winner from all entrants (i.e. people who commented on the giveaway post or any of my other blog tour posts).

Blog tour posts

On Monday, I posted the first of a 2-part spinning series at Jessica Skye Davies’ blog.
Part 2 of the spinning series went up Tuesday at Anne Barwell’s blog.
On Thursday, I talked about writing from outside a culture at Michael Rupured’s blog.
I rounded off the week with a post about invading characters’ privacy hosted by Jana Denardo.

Next week my blog tour will wrap up with 2 more posts at the blogs of SL Huang and PD Singer! It’s been a really interesting process and I plan to do some kind of retrospective when all is done: lessons learned, things I feel I did well and things I’d do differently next time.

Writing prompts & other creative stuff

The First Day of Fall is Wednesday’s prompt at Brynn Stein’s blog.

Brynn also asks What is one thing you find technically difficult about writing?

Mallory Bowen Tam offers the writing prompt Dream well, little one, and if you can’t dream well, dream loudly.

… also, there is a woodpecker trying to eat my house. I’M NOT JOKING. It’s driving the cat up the wall.

I'm a writer and artist living in Fairbanks, Alaska.

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