Recent reviews and year-end roundup

I meant to keep doing weekly roundup posts, but there really hasn’t been a whole lot to round up. I don’t have anything that’s coming out soon; I’ve just been writing, and writing is not a great spectator sport.

However, I do have some nice reviews for my Prohibition-era story “Untouchable” in Steamed Up, Dreamspinner’s recent steampunk anthology.

This review at Live Your Life, Buy the Book gives “Untouchable” 4 stars. “….a fun twist on the steampunk theme.”

And it gets 4.25 stars at this review at Top 2 Bottom Reviews: “The romance is subtle and sweet, regardless of the age difference.”

There is a particularly lovely 4-star review at Boys In Our Books: “Who is this writer and why isn’t she writing more prohibition-era cops & bootleggers m/m?? Because after this story, I totally want more!”

(Squee! I am in fact working on a novel with these characters, as it happens; I had too much fun in this world to want to stop.)

The Year In Review

This is the first year I’ve been publishing romance and it’s been going pretty well! 🙂 Over at my real-name journal, I put up a list of everything I’ve published this year (most of it under this pseudonym), so here is the Layla M. Wier part of the list, for your reading enjoyment:

Homespun (M/M, stand-alone novella) from Dreamspinner Press – On AmazonAt Dreamspinner
– “Waiting for the Light”, M/M short story in Snow on the Roof anthology from Dreamspinner Press – At AmazonAt Dreamspinner
– “Finder’s Keeper”, F/F novella in the Big Damn Heroines anthology from Storm Moon Press – At AmazonAt Storm Moon Press
– “Untouchable”, M/M short story in the Steamed Up anthology from Dreamspinner Press – At AmazonAt Dreamspinner

Right now I’m working on revisions to a contemporary romance novel, a fantasy novella, and two short stories intended for two of Dreamspinner’s 2014 anthologies, all of them M/M. I’m also thinking about writing for some of Storm Moon Press’s upcoming F/F and bisexual anthologies (see list of their open calls here) and I’m working on the above-mentioned novel in the steampunk “Untouchable” universe. It’s been an exciting year and I’m looking forward to seeing what next year brings.

Best wishes to everyone for 2014!

I'm a writer and artist living in Fairbanks, Alaska.

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