First (romance) submission of 2014!

I just turned in my first submission to Dreamspinner for 2014: a possible story for their upcoming “Mended” anthology (the June daily dose). What’s kind of hilarious about this one is that the theme is hurt/comfort and you’d think I’d be all over that. In fanfic, it’s basically my favorite thing. When I write other stuff, it tends to creep in. So this time? TOTAL BLANK. Brain goes kaput. No ideas. I ended up with something that has mild h/c elements (mostly emotional) while being more plot-oriented — I guess we’ll see if they go for it! If it turns out not to be enough h/c for the anthology, I have another backup anthology in mind that this also fits the call for (not from DSP).

I also have a novel finished that I plan to submit to DSP a little later this spring. It needs to go through another round of revisions first, though. It’s contemporary romance set in a small Illinois town during the holiday season. I’m working on a novel set in the same world as my steampunk story from last October’s Steamed Up anthology, but it’s run into some plot hitches so that’s shelved for now. It’s in the pipeline, though …

So that’s how my January is going. I hope everyone is having a good 2014 so far!

I'm a writer and artist living in Fairbanks, Alaska.

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