Monday in Alaska – March 3

Okay! I’m doing this thing again! 😀 It’s a fresh month and spring is ALMOST here, and I’m getting out of the winter doldrums and back to blogging.

Well, not QUITE out of the doldrums yet.

I took these pictures today around noon, when I stopped to pick up the mail on the way home from campus. Here is our sad frozen little highway.

In the last couple of days they sent the big road-graders through to scrape the hardpack off the pavement. Hardpack is a far-north thing that happens because it’s not warm enough to thaw the snow all winter, so even with plowing, snow builds up on roads, parking lots, etc. and gets compressed to ice from being driven and/or trampled. They pushed up these fairly impressive lumps of snow/ice, although it looks kind of puny and uninteresting through the camera lens … oh well. (Also, this is what the road looks like after being scraped … still not the best, but better than it was.)

We also have had a mama and baby moose (well, last year’s baby, so more like a yearling now) hanging around the driveway lately. They were out there this morning, but I was late and in a hurry, so I didn’t stop to take a picture of them. I keep meaning to get a picture since it’s light enough light now when I leave in the morning to take photographs, but I’m always either rushing someplace or don’t have my camera. Maybe tomorrow …

I have one other picture I meant to share, which I took a few days ago, climbing to the upper level of our deck to photograph the setting sun through the railing.

Well, the partial railing; as you can see, we still haven’t gotten around to finishing the railing, so our deck features a terrifying drop 20 feet straight down. This is always interesting to warn guests about.

I’m looking forward to being able to take my morning tea up to the little table at the right and sip it while looking down at the sparse boreal forest of our backyard. Not there yet, though!

I'm a writer and artist living in Fairbanks, Alaska.

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