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List of lesbian historical fiction – relevant to my interests!

For SF/fantasy-writing people, Lightspeed Magazine’s submissions close TODAY at 11:59 EST. However, they will be open from tomorrow ’til the end of the month for submissions to Women Destroy Fantasy (special issue w/female-identified authors).

On the romance side, Storm Moon Press has a couple of anthology calls closing this month – Bygone Beasts (non-werewolf shifter M/M) and Gunslingers (lesbians in the wild west). I actually have a story that would be perfect for Bygone Beasts except it’s under consideration to a different market right now. Here’s hoping that I’ll hear back one way or the other before the end of the month … *crosses fingers*

Has anyone written anything for Riptide Publishing? The one thing I submitted to their open call last year got rejected, but they have a number of interesting submission calls this year; I’m particularly intrigued by the “Rainbow Family” one. I’m curious what they’re like to work with, and what kind of a return you get on your investment.

Dreamspinner, as always, has a few interesting submission calls. I am particularly interested in the writing-themed anthology (I’ve worked for newspapers most of my adult life, so I have a bit of background …). I had intended to write a holiday story to submit to them this year, but the theme this year is stories set outside the U.S., so a fair bit of research would be involved.

Okay, back to the word mines …

I'm a writer and artist living in Fairbanks, Alaska.

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