July update

I’m going to try to start doing progress updates every month, on or around the first (yes, I know I missed by a mile this month). As well as getting me in the habit of blogging more regularly, this will also challenge me to actually HAVE new things to report!

First of all, my story “Timethieves” will appear in Less Than Three Press’s Project Fierce Chicago anthology, available now for preorder and out on July 17. All proceeds from this anthology benefit Project Fierce Chicago, which provides support services to homeless LGBTQ youth.

I currently have the first-round edits for my novel Held For Ransom, out in November or December. I’ve also finished the rough draft of a steampunk novel based on the world and characters of my steampunk short story “Untouchable” in last October’s Steamed Up anthology.

I’m also plotting out more novels and short stories in Heatherfield County, the setting of Held For Ransom — which in turn was based off my short story “Waiting For the Light” in DSP’s Snow on the Roof anthology about older men. (DJ Lanning, the main lead of HFR, is the son of one of the characters in that story.) It’s not really a series, per se, but I have a vague idea of several stand-alone novels that wind in and out of each other, with characters from one making minor appearances in the other. Because I love that sort of thing. Stay tuned. 😀

Turning to the personal front, it’s full summer here in Alaska. My garden is growing well, although I was late to put it in; I didn’t get most of it planted (or transplanted) until mid-June, but I’m already harvesting baby lettuce and tonight’s dinner featured the first of the chard. My tomatoes are putting on blossoms, my squash are flowering as well (all female blossoms so far, feck) and my string beans need to be staked.

There is a small creek which flows through our property behind the house, and the unusually rainy weather in June led to an AMAZING flood, unprecedented in the 10 years we’ve lived here. Normally the creek is about 10 feet wide and a foot or so deep. During the height of the flood we figure it was probably 6-8 feet and up to 50 feet wide. Un-frikking-believable. It washed away our footbridge and absolutely DESTROYED an old mining road near our house:

My husband inspects what was a road until just recently. There were two enormous culverts buried under the road. One is now sideways, as you can see; the other is about 50 feet downstream in a massive tangle of brush and trees that slid off the bluff to halfway block the creek.

He’s already built a new footbridge to replace the old one; isn’t it cute?

It’s sturdier than the old one and has handrails. The old bridge was just slapped together from old plywood the first year we lived here, and had been getting unstable and dangerous. The flood might have been a blessing in disguise, since I was starting to worry that one of us was going to fall through it eventually.

I think the new bridge would look very smart painted red and white. Although we might want to wait until the flood is definitely over, just in case we lose this one too.

I'm a writer and artist living in Fairbanks, Alaska.

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