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They say you keep getting better if you practice, and I seem to be getting better at this whole “blog tour” thing, though perhaps only by necessity! The first time I did this (last year, for Homespun) it took me WEEKS to schedule and write all the posts. This time around, I’ve written nearly all of them today. (Two to go … and I’m still waiting to hear back from a couple of people regarding possible blog stops …)

On the other hand, the reason why I’m so much more efficient this time is because I’ve been dealing with family crises and mostly unavailable during the months leading up to my book’s release, and now Held for Ransom comes out on FRIDAY (eep!) and I’m having to pull together a book tour on exceedingly short notice.

Well, all those years of working for newspapers means that I do some of my best work on deadline …

I’m also, due to one of life’s little scheduling ironies, going to be unavailable online for my release day because I’m going to have a table at Popcon, a local comics and pop culture convention here in Fairbanks. Therefore, I plan to have an all-day RELEASE PARTY on Monday, Nov. 17 on this blog and on Facebook. I’ll be chatting with people, liveblogging my no-doubt-failed attempts to write, and giving away things (probably art-related things, possibly book-related things – YOU WILL HAVE TO STOP BY TO FIND OUT!).

And here is my tentative list of blog tour stops so far:

Wednesday, Nov. 12: Anne Barwell
Friday, Nov. 14: RELEASE DAY! Charley Descoteaux
Monday, Nov. 17: Shae Connor
… and **ALL-DAY RELEASE PARTY** on Facebook and WordPress:
Wednesday, Nov. 19: Grace Duncan
Friday, Nov. 21: Jana DeNardo
Monday, Nov. 24: Anna Butler
Wednesday, Nov. 26: Aidee Ladnier
Friday, Nov. 28: Sherrie Henry
Monday, Dec. 1: Because Two Men Are Better Than One

And let’s just have the book cover again, because yeah, it’s a completely doofy romantic comedy, but it’s my doofy romantic comedy. 😀


I'm a writer and artist living in Fairbanks, Alaska.

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