And another brief bit of blog-tour commentary

As noted in last year’s blog tour post-mortem, I feel as if I spent way too much time on the “Homespun” blog tour writing guest posts — time I could have spent more usefully writing more novels! Not that guest posts aren’t useful — they’re vital to networking, really, and I deeply appreciate people giving me space on their blogs! — but I felt like I poured far too much energy into writing long, detailed guest posts compared to the amount of return that I got on it. Most people don’t do blog tours as in-depth as my first one. I can see why.

This year was MUCH more efficient. I did nearly all of my guest posts in one day … okay, largely because of time constraints, but I don’t feel like they suffered terribly for it. Not every guest post has to be a lovingly detailed work of art. I included more excerpts, which are fast and easy, but probably just as good an enticement (if not more so) than the photos, videos and so forth that I was doing last time. I also had a more streamlined blog tour with fewer stops, but spread out over just as many weeks.

… that said, my sales on Held For Ransom are definitely down from where Homespun sales were at this point (if I remember correctly). So maybe the extra promo actually made a difference? Except we aren’t deep enough into either blog tour this close to the release date for it to make that much difference, I don’t think. It’s so hard to say because every story is its own creature. Homespun was a little more unusual and maybe therefore it found readers more easily in the early days. (But HFR is more conventional so I would expect it to do better? DIFFICULT.)

On a small point of squee, Held For Ransom has a review on Amazon already, and the reviewer liked it. :>

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4 comments on “And another brief bit of blog-tour commentary
  1. winterelf2 says:

    I’m sure it will catch up. One thing to consider – with it being a full novel, Held for Ransom is the full price, where as Homespun was a little easier to get spur of the moment. This one, some might need to wait till paydays or budgets allow. I could be wrong. but just a thought. Also, I do hope those that got Homespun give this one a try.

    • Layla Lawlor says:

      Oh, that’s a good point about the price. 🙂 It’s really not meant to sound like a complaint — I think I’m mostly just a little surprised because I thought this one had better commercial appeal than the other, but it turns out the other actually did better! That’s what I get for trying to anticipate the market. XD

      But thank you!

  2. winterelf2 says:

    and I have to wait to get mine 😦 paypal is being a pill tonight. *sigh* I will get tomorrow!

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