And now, a discussion topic – holiday preparedness!

My new book is set during the holidays, and while it’s still a little early to look forward to the end of December (it’s only early November!) I guess we all know we’ll get there eventually! Are you ready? Are you the sort of person who has your Christmas presents bought and wrapped by the end of October? Or do you wait until Dec. 24 and rush around desperately trying to find a store that’s still open? 😀

I suppose I am sort of a mix between the two! Since I live in Alaska, most of my family is far away and the mail from here to the rest of the U.S., let alone anywhere else, can take forever. So I try to have my gifts mailed out by the first week in December. I always intend to be more organized than I am about it, though — I’ve been trying to get in the habit of buying presents throughout the year, whenever I spot something I know so&so would like, so that they’re all purchased and ready to go by November! That’s the theory, anyway. In actual practice, I usually end up with a ton of things for the easy-to-shop-for relatives, and nothing at all for the hard ones … so I may as well have waited ’til the last minute anyway. XD

What about you?

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3 comments on “And now, a discussion topic – holiday preparedness!
  1. winterelf2 says:

    I’m a famous last minute shopper. Mainly because I can never figure out what to get for who, and I was ALWAYS at the stores with the guys on Dec 24th. It’s actually a good shopping day – no huge crowds to deal with!

    But lately my family has actually gotten down to not exchanging many gifts. Or just for the kids. My sister gives me jam she makes, and I get her daughter a toy.

    • Layla Lawlor says:

      Huh, you know, I guess I would’ve assumed it would be terribly crowded on the 24th! That’s actually good to know. 😀

      I also really like the idea of a lower-stress holiday that’s mostly focused on presents for the kids. I know quite a few families do that. Mine doesn’t, so it’s always a scramble to find things for hard-to-shop-for people like my brother (aargh) and also the stress of wondering WHICH relatives in the extended set are going to feel slighted if they don’t receive anything!

      • winterelf2 says:

        also – I live in a big city – so the stores are open pretty darn late on Dec 24! I always feel guilty – but it’s a habit. I often go and wander around just to try and feel festive because my sister just drove from SF and is tried, other sister is going crazy with 4 kids, mom is ‘holiday phobic’ and hiding in a dark room, and friends has their own families, so I am often alone and needing something to do to.

        You are crafty – get those hard to buy for relatives something hand made 🙂 I look forward to my sisters Pomegranate jam each year. Sometimes she even has tomato sauce, other jams or treats depending on her garden.

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