Held For Ransom excerpt

How about a brief book excerpt? (You can also read part of the first chapter on Dreamspinner’s website.)  I’ve been looking for a section that stands on its own okay – here’s a little bit from the POV of motorcycle-riding title character Ransom.


Ransom killed the motorcycle engine outside 324 Elm Street and sat on the seat for a minute or two, gazing along the street at the neat rows of porch lights glimmering through the chill winter darkness. Idyllic. That’s a good word for this place. It looked to him like a set from a family sitcom, the sort where father knows best and no problem is too big to be resolved in twenty-two minutes. A part of him thought it should be possible to peek behind those house fronts to see the scaffolding propping them up and the hands scurrying around the dark backdrop of a soundstage.

He wondered what it would have been like to grow up here.

The sky was flat black, the low clouds were lit with the dim glow of some bigger town off to the northwest—Heatherfield, probably. The air had a dry, sandy taste that bespoke ominously of snow.

You should be on the road.

But he wasn’t.

After a time he dismounted from the motorcycle, hung the helmet on the handlebars, patted his jacket pocket to make sure the all-important bundle was still there, and then unlatched the low gate. DJ Lanning’s house had an honest-to-god picket fence. The yard was a patch of slightly overgrown lawn with little solar-powered lights picking out the walkway. Frost glistened in their cold blue glow. It was going to be a chilly night.

He rang the doorbell and waited. He was raising his hand to ring it again when DJ opened the door—breathless and tousle-haired and lit from behind. “Hello! Hi!” he said. Then he stopped and blinked helplessly, clearly having exhausted whatever short conversational script he was working from.

“Can I come in?” Ransom prompted after a moment. “It’s cold out here.”

I'm a writer and artist living in Fairbanks, Alaska.

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2 comments on “Held For Ransom excerpt
  1. winterelf2 says:

    sweet! It does read like a fluffy winter romance to read while drinking chocolate 🙂

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