M/M romance release party art giveaway

EDIT: The contest is now closed! Thank you, everyone, for participating!

For the release of my new M/M novel Held For Ransom, I’m giving away FREE STUFF! I’ll make you a custom hand-painted bookmark or piece of mini art (4.5×6″), your choice. These will be drawn and inked by hand, then painted with watercolors (or they can also be black and white if you like!). You pick the subject – one or two characters from a favorite TV show/book/comic, one or two of your own characters, a pet or family member, some sort of decor object you collect (do you like mushrooms? want a hand-painted mushroom bookmark?), pretty scenery … it’s up to you! (Though I reserve the right to ask for something different if I really don’t think I can do justice to your request.)


The samples in the image give you an idea of the sort of thing I do. You can also see some more of my art on the portfolio page of my website.

To enter, comment or “like” this entry! You’ll get TWO entries in the drawing if you link me from your twitter, blog or tumblr, or reblog/retweet my posts about the book or contest (you just need to let me know you’ve done it and that you want to be entered in the contest!). I’m running the contest concurrently at my Facebook page and will combine both groups of entrants for the drawing.

I will be doing this twice today, and drawing the first winner at 3 p.m. Alaska time (7 p.m. EST) actually, since entries are light, I’ll do both drawings at 7 p.m. AK time/11 p.m. EST and draw two winners from the overall pool of entrants!

I'm a writer and artist living in Fairbanks, Alaska.

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5 comments on “M/M romance release party art giveaway
  1. winterelf2 says:

    ha, so I can ask you to draw my cat? 🙂 I can go for that. I post enough pictures of her on my tumblr. And Yes, I finally got a wordpress so that I can comment easily on the several friends who are on the platform now. And your art is really lovely.

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