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A quick note

I’m not going to be abandoning this blog, but one of my goals for the new year is to consolidate my social media presence a bit, and to that end, I’ll be doing a lot more of my blogging over at

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Release Party #2!

It’s like having two birthday parties! I’m having another release party today on the Dreamspinner Press blog (it ended up being rescheduled for multiple reasons, mostly to do with me being a FLAKE and not getting all of this ready

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Today’s guestblog stop

Today I’m at Aidee Lanier’s blog talking about female characters in M/M fiction. Both my current novel and my previous one (Homespun) have a major female POV character, and I was a little nervous if it would hurt the novels’

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On a more serious topic

If you’ve been following the news about Ferguson, MO, I have a post over at my other blog about ways to help.

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Predictably behind

Has it really been a week since I last posted here? Predictable. I had a guest appearance at Anna Butler’s blog yesterday, and will be at Aidee Ladnier‘s tomorrow, talking about writing female characters in m/m fiction. I was kindly hosted last

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And another brief bit of blog-tour commentary

As noted in last year’s blog tour post-mortem, I feel as if I spent way too much time on the “Homespun” blog tour writing guest posts — time I could have spent more usefully writing more novels! Not that guest posts

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Release party post-mortem

Well, today was my first full-on Facebook/blog/Twitter release party, so now I’m writing up notes to help me in planning future events. (And perhaps other people will find this useful too! Learn from my mistakes.) Overall I was pretty happy

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The random number generator hath spoken

…. and I’ve selected the winners of the giveaway (Veleda and Christine; congrats!) via random number generator and contacted them. The virtual release party is now over — and the nice thing about virtual parties: no cleanup! I really appreciate

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Another excerpt

There is still time to enter the contest if you haven’t already! And here is another excerpt from Held For Ransom – Ransom and DJ’s first meeting, when DJ notices a stranger picking up trash. (I really should’ve led with

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Still hours to go on the contest – enter here by commenting/liking, or promote on Twitter/Tumblr/etc for TWO chances to win! (Though you may have to tell me you did it because I might not notice otherwise, and I’d hate to

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Newest release
Held for Ransom cover

Held for Ransom - released November 14