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Held For Ransom

November 14, 2014 Contemporary Romance (M/M) – A Heatherfield novel Novel / 200 pages / $6.99 ebook / $14.99 paperback Amazon for KindleAmazon paperback Barnes and Noble for Nook • B & N paperback Ebook at Dreamspinner PressPaperback at Dreamspinner Press

Motorcycle-riding mystery man Ransom has a plan to help DJ save his town’s Christmas carnival. Can DJ save him in return?



September 18, 2013 Contemporary Romance (M/M) Novella / 104 pages / $3.99

Dreamspinner Press | Amazon | Barnes & Noble

For twenty years, Owen Fortescue, a down-to-earth farmer in upstate New York, has had an on-again, off-again relationship with volatile New York City artist Kerry Ruehling. Now that same-sex marriage is recognized in New York, Owen wants to tie the knot. But Kerry responds to the proposal with instant, angry withdrawal. Owen resolves to prove to Kerry that, regardless of the way his family of origin has treated him, family ties don’t necessarily tie a man down. With help from his grown daughter, Laura, who loves them both, Owen hopes to convince Kerry that his marriage proposal isn’t a trap, but a chance at real love.

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