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I’m not going to be abandoning this blog, but one of my goals for the new year is to consolidate my social media presence a bit, and to that end, I’ll be doing a lot more of my blogging over at http://www.laylalawlor.com and mostly linking to posts from here. Not that I’ve ever been that great at updating this blog, but, well, that’s the problem, really … there are only so many hours in the day, and one of my “to do” things during the last couple weeks of December is to look at how I use social media and where I can trim and consolidate so I’m not spread quite so thin. Laylalawlor.com is going to become my main social media hub, and I’ll be doing more with Twitter and Tumblr, and then linking from this blog and a few of my other social media hangouts. I’m hoping to be able to do more with my social media (and have more fun!) if I’m not trying to use it in quite so many different locations …

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Release Party #2!

It’s like having two birthday parties! I’m having another release party today on the Dreamspinner Press blog (it ended up being rescheduled for multiple reasons, mostly to do with me being a FLAKE and not getting all of this ready back in October …). Anyway, I’ll be posting excerpts, doing another giveaway or two, and chatting about the writing process behind the book. Feel free to stop by and say hi!



Held For Ransom by Layla M. Wier

Length: Novel/200 pages
Genre: Contemporary romance/humor
Ebook on DSP | Paperback on DSP (**25% off!**)
Kindle | Paperback on Amazon
Nook book or paperback on B&N

Motorcycle-riding mystery man Ransom has a plan to help DJ save his town’s Christmas carnival. Can DJ save him in return?

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Today’s guestblog stop

Today I’m at Aidee Lanier’s blog talking about female characters in M/M fiction. Both my current novel and my previous one (Homespun) have a major female POV character, and I was a little nervous if it would hurt the novels’ reception, but at least so far, the reaction seems to be positive. Your thoughts are welcome!

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On a more serious topic

If you’ve been following the news about Ferguson, MO, I have a post over at my other blog about ways to help.

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Predictably behind

Has it really been a week since I last posted here? Predictable.

I had a guest appearance at Anna Butler’s blog yesterday, and will be at Aidee Ladnier‘s tomorrow, talking about writing female characters in m/m fiction.

I was kindly hosted last week by Jana Denardo and Grace Duncan.

I will also be having a release party on the Dreamspinner Press blog this upcoming Saturday (the 29th).

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And another brief bit of blog-tour commentary

As noted in last year’s blog tour post-mortem, I feel as if I spent way too much time on the “Homespun” blog tour writing guest posts — time I could have spent more usefully writing more novels! Not that guest posts aren’t useful — they’re vital to networking, really, and I deeply appreciate people giving me space on their blogs! — but I felt like I poured far too much energy into writing long, detailed guest posts compared to the amount of return that I got on it. Most people don’t do blog tours as in-depth as my first one. I can see why.

This year was MUCH more efficient. I did nearly all of my guest posts in one day … okay, largely because of time constraints, but I don’t feel like they suffered terribly for it. Not every guest post has to be a lovingly detailed work of art. I included more excerpts, which are fast and easy, but probably just as good an enticement (if not more so) than the photos, videos and so forth that I was doing last time. I also had a more streamlined blog tour with fewer stops, but spread out over just as many weeks.

… that said, my sales on Held For Ransom are definitely down from where Homespun sales were at this point (if I remember correctly). So maybe the extra promo actually made a difference? Except we aren’t deep enough into either blog tour this close to the release date for it to make that much difference, I don’t think. It’s so hard to say because every story is its own creature. Homespun was a little more unusual and maybe therefore it found readers more easily in the early days. (But HFR is more conventional so I would expect it to do better? DIFFICULT.)

On a small point of squee, Held For Ransom has a review on Amazon already, and the reviewer liked it. :>

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Release party post-mortem

Well, today was my first full-on Facebook/blog/Twitter release party, so now I’m writing up notes to help me in planning future events. (And perhaps other people will find this useful too! Learn from my mistakes.)

Overall I was pretty happy with it. A bigger turnout would’ve been nice, but given that I really didn’t advertise it AT ALL beforehand so it was basically just drop-in traffic from my various social media, it went well! I also got some people entering the contest and “liking” my FB blog that I didn’t know, which means I managed to expand my reach just a tiny bit outside my normal social circle, so that’s a success then. \o/ Read more ›

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Newest release
Held for Ransom cover

Held for Ransom - released November 14

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